Hello, I'm Signe.

Thank you for stopping by. 

I guess I'll start at the beginning.  I was Born in Brooklyn, NY and lived there until the age of 9, when I moved to the island my mother is from in Northern Norway. With only 500 inhabitants, it was quite a change. From concrete to nature.

After my studies, I moved to Oslo where I began working as an interior designer and stylist. Despite a successful career, my busy and demanding work life felt as though it was taking my focus away from my deepest values.

Everything became more and more about networking, mingling and partying. It was exhausting and I would come home feeling empty. I realised it wasn't the life I wanted and that I needed to make a change.

My first visit to Rosendal was a spontaneous trip. I sat outside my hotel, barely able to eat my breakfast as I was so distracted by the beautiful views. The stillness and quietness just grabbed me.

When I returned to Oslo, I began to really see everything quite differently.

I was invited back to Rosendal later that year and couldn't resist looking at house prices in the area. To my surprise, there was a house on the market which came with 30 meters of shoreline.  The place was completely run down and hadn't been refurbished since it was built in the 1950s. Nobody else wanted to take on such a huge project, but the designer in me saw so much potential that I just couldn't resist.

After many months of hard work, traveling back and forth between Oslo and Rosendal, I was able to transform the house into my dream home. 

Leaving my city life behind was scary and it took me 3 years to really let go. But I can safely say it was the best decision I ever made. Once I cut my ties with Oslo, everything changed.

Around this time, I felt a pull towards visiting India. I stayed there for a month and had an incredible time. I had been practising yoga for several years, but it wasn't until this trip that I really came to understand its true meaning.

I realised that it was more than just an activity and a form of exercise. It can be spiritual in a way that is not necessarily connected to any religion. It teaches you to believe in yourself and to realise that you have the power to do whatever you want to do and to let go of whatever you no longer need. Learning to connect with your breath can be life-changing, not to mention the countless health benefits. 

I completed my yoga teacher training in Goa and on returning, I established my own yoga school.  When the sun is shining, my sessions take place out on my deck overlooking the fjord, otherwise I have a cosy yoga studio in the basement of my house.

I also travel to to the north of Norway, as well as Oslo, Bergen and various places around Rosendal, to lead workshops and classes.

I'm happy to be able to invite you to join yoga sessions at my home or in one of the number of community spaces I visit. I'm here to support you on your yoga journey and to help you get whatever your body and mind needs. At the heart of all my classes in compassion and fun. Everyone is welcome.